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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are some services cheaper than others?

    The truth is if you think a professional is expensive wait till you hire an amateur.  The underground market seems less expensive on the surface but in the long run it really isn’t. What is your time worth?  Cheaper services generally require you to find to housekeeper, be the HR by verifying their background to ensure your house and content are in safe hands and secured. Sometimes you need to train them, and also provide all the supplies and equipment for cleaning with all electrical equipment should be tagged for at least every 3 months for safety use. You have to manage, supervise, and pay their payroll taxes despite their claim that they are an “independent contractor” (Fairwork Australia makes you liable for all withholding taxes and labour law compliance).  The “savings” is not worth the risk, especially if the cleaner is undocumented or brings undocumented “relatives” to help clean. They can easily come and go and they definitely go when you neede them the most. Non-professional cleaners often give the cleaning industry a bad name by not paying taxes and hiring illegal workers.

  • Do you pay for referrals if I refer you?

    Yes! Your next cleaning is absolutely FREE when you refer us to someone who will book for a regular clean!  You could get all of your cleanings for FREE if you just spread the word to everyone.  We thrive on referrals and are generous when you refer!

  • How long have you been in business?

    As of 2016, we have been operating nearly 10 years! HOT Cleaning Services is one of the nation's few green Home/Office cleaning services and the first green home cleaning services in Midwest.

  • Are you a franchise?

    No, HOT Cleaning Services is a wholly Geraldton owned and run family business. We may give the impression of being a large franchise as we try to maintain as professional an image as we possibly can. You may have seen one of the many HOT Cleaning Services vehicles in your area. This is because we have a large fleet of distinctive vehicles, servicing the whole of the Midwest region.

  • Are you insured

    Yes!  Your safety and protection is top priority.  We’ve seen what can happen when security is less important than profits to a service. HOT Cleaning Services carries a Public Liability of $20 million and product liability insurance of $20 million. We also have Workers Compensation to the value of of $50 million.

  • How will our relationship work?

    Your are under no contract obligation as payment is made at each visit or at the time of the purchase of a package. We would prefer to earn your continued loyalty based on our ability to meet your needs than rely on a contractual relationship. We look to you to provide candid review of ouir cleaning service and your feedback is welcomed at any time.

  • How can we make a booking?

    Our online booking system is quick and simple. You will find it easy to navigate and choose the type of service you want to book. It is also easy to add extra services to your package of choice like window cleaning or carpet cleaning or tile and grout or strip and seal or even oven cleaning. You will love the simplicity of the site and the biggest thing is you can book online at any time without stressing out to add in your already very busy tasks to do during working hours.

  • How can we pay for our booking

    You can make a payment corresponding to your booking request. Our online booking is very safe with all transactions done over a secure, SSL connection. You will receive a copy of your invoice and receipt once payment is done and also the details of the package/s or services you book.

  • What will happen once the booking and payment is done?

    Once booking and payment are done, again you will receive information straight away, via email, the details of the package/s or services you booked. One of the HOT Cleaning Services Client Services Team members will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the time and day you want the service done, the access of the premise and any instructions like pets, etc.

  • Can we get a tax invoice/receipt?

    Yes, we will always issue a tax invoice/receipt via email at the time of booking is confirmed. If you prefer your invoice to be addressed to a company or sent to a particular email address, please let us know at the time of booking

  • Who will clean our premises?

    Your premises will be cleaned by a fully trained cleaner or cleaners. They will be supervised by either a team leader and/or a supervisor for your security, peace and mind and consistency. Our professional cleaners will arrive to your premises in a HOT Cleaning Services uniform, with an identification card. All our professional cleaners are not permitted to eat or smoke or use any of your appliances. Our professional HOT Cleaning Services training and working practices are designed to ensure that we comply with all applicable health and safety regulations.

  • Are the cleaners employees or subcontractors?

    All HOT Cleaning Services cleaners are our employees. They receive all the employees' entitlements and benefits as stated in the Australian Cleaning Award. We also provide them with special awards given by the company for the job well done.

  • Do we need to be around when a cleaner services our premise?

    No, you don't need to be present while we clean for you. However, when our Client Services team rings you regarding your booking, it is important for both of you to discuss your needs prior to the service starting. Knowing your cleaning requirements and your do's and don't's will help make both you and your cleaner/s happy. You will also need to arrange access to your property and the best way to contact you, just in case we need to talk to you during your cleaning appointment.

  • What day and time will your cleaners show up to clean?

    We normally work Monday to Friday for Residential cleaning and cleaning time will start from 8.30am to 5pm. Commercial cleaning is usually Monday to Sunday and cleaning time will start early morning shift before 6am; Day shift from 6am to 6pm and afternoon shift from 6pm till before midnight. We are unable to give you a specific time on a service day, but we may be able to specify an early morning or day time or an after office hours service. However we do make every effort to meet our client preferences.

  • How often can we schedule a cleaning services from you?

    You can choose weekly, fortnightly or even a daily services. Different clients have different preferences. Some Commercial Clients will have a cleaning schedule twice daily, with some having a service each day or once a week depending on budget. However, residential cleaning can choose a weekly or fortnightly or depending on the package you choose from. If time is your issue at home trying to juggle between home and work, try a twice a week or once a week service or a specific package that suits and you will love the extra time for yourself and your family. Life is for living after all.

  • Do we need to provide any equipment or supplies?

    No, these are provided by HOT Cleaning Services and their usage is covered by our insurance. We are, however, can use Client's cleaning products, equipment and cleaning supplies especially if it was specifically requested, provided that these meet health and safety requirements. All electrical equipment must have a current electrical tag for example.

  • How long will it take to clean our premises?

    The time it takes to clean depends on a number of factors including:

    • the size of your property
    • the cleaning tasks you would like us to perform
    • the amount of mess or clutter
    • the level of dirtiness or overall soiling
    • the quantity of furnishings and ornaments
    • the time since last cleaned

    In the Residential cleaning for example: a surface clean (basic cleaning package), or a really thorough clean (spring cleaning package) or (moving house cleaning package), and the number of house cleaners performing your service are all different services with different charges or prices.

    We send the team/s to suit the job requirements. Jobs like basic clean requires less man-hours than Spring Clean, Move In/Out Cleaning or Once off cleaning.

    Our Residential packages stated a fixed time (number of man-hours) for your cleaning service and with the corresponding costs. This number of man-hours specified is accurate and realistic based on the scope/work specified and our previous experience. However, please note that since the condition of your properties can vary significantly and having not seen your premises, we will do as much as possible per your priority areas to clean within the allocated time specified in the package or quote and will arrange/book additional time with you if desired.

    Please note due to health and safety of our employees, HOT Cleaning Services reserves the right to decline the booked cleaning if it is deemed a health and safety hazard.

    If this is deemed to be the case, HOT Cleaning Services will provide you with a refund.

  • What is the difference between actual time versus man-hours?

    Our cleaning services are priced per man-hour (example: per cleaner per hour)

    If we send more than one cleaner, the actual service time is less than the total man-hours. For example, a 6 man-hour job would take:

    x 6 hrs = 6 man-hrs
    x 3 hrs (each) = 6 man-hrs
    x 2 hrs (each) = 6 man-hrs
  • Do we have to do anything before our premises is cleaned?

    We ask you to spend a few minutes tidying where necessary. This will enable the cleaners to devote all their time to cleaning  and will give you best value for your cleaning fee.

  • What if we need some extra tasks or services?

    Yes, we can do what you want. Just book online your extra request 2 days prior of your scheduled clean, and we will include it to be done.

  • How do we arrange changes or cancellations?

    Please call or email HOT Cleaning Services office. Ideally providing us with seven (7) working days notice, but not less than 2 working days. If less than 2 working days are given for a cancellation or changes, you will incur a minimum fee of 50% of the clean price.

  • How do you look after our premises keys?

    When we received your premises keys, you will sign our 'key form' that you issued the keys to us and we will also sign that we received them from you. Once we have the keys in our possession, they are tagged with a unique code, so as not to identify the name or address of Clients to which they belong for security reasons. All of our Clients keys are checked every after morning Shift, afternoon shift and night time shift and locked/secured away. Only our General Manager, Contract Admin, Supervisors are the only ones who have access to these keys and issued them to the cleaners on a daily basis before the clean and collect them after the clean. In few remote cases where we issue a key to a trusted cleaner/s, they signed a key management policy form. All employees are familiar with our key management policy which describes our procedures for the safe handling and storage of clients' keys. In the event that we lose a key, we will inform you immediately and we will pay any replacement costs.

  • What if something gets broken when our premises is cleaned?

    We treat your premises with utmost care. But is something is damaged or broken we will leave you a note followed by an email or a call from our Client Services team as soon as possible. We will make every effort to have the item replaced if it cannot be repaired.

    Please note that Cleaners registered with HOT Cleaning Services are covered with Public Liability, Product Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. This means you are protected from damage or injury to any person, other than the Cleaner, in your premises caused by a Cleaner's negligence. Public Liability Insurance is extremely important for both our Clients and Cleaners and is one of the most important reasons for using our Agency.

  • Should we have a Spring Cleaning every year?

    Many of our Clients do have a Top to Bottom or Spring Clean annually to maintain those out-of-reach place that are not a part of the normal weekly or fortnightly or monthly routine. It's less expensive than the First Time Cleaning because the rest of the cleaning is already at maintenance level if we are servicing your premises.

  • Do you travel to and clean in my area?

    We provide cleaning services for all suburbs in the Geraldton, Western Australia as well as the outlying region of the City of Greater Geraldton. If you live outside the City of Greater Geraldton but are still within the Midwest region, we can arrange a quote for you based on travelling time and distance for mileage. If you are outside the Midwest and are looking for a cleaning services, please let us know. We may still be able to help you directly or provide a list o reputable cleaning companies in your local area.

  • What are add-on services?

    Our top-up services include window cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, stripping and sealing lino floors, Inside oven cleaning or inside refrigerator or pressure hosing our outside walls or garages.

  • How can I gift your services to my family and friends?

    It is just easy. Just visit our packages page and you will see the different cleaning packages or you can buy gift vouchers. When you do, please let us know that you did a referral and once they book for a regular clean, you are entitled to our referral program bonus.

  • Are You Pet Friendly?

    We love pets! But sometimes family pets can pose a problem for the house cleaner who doesn’t know whether the big, barking dog is excited friendly — or excited angry. Should Fluffy the cat be let in (or let out) by the team? If Fido has been locked in a room, you don’t want the cleaner to drop dead of a heart attack when she opens the door, only to be greeted by a lunging Rottweiler!

    If possible, leave your pets outside on your cleaning day. It’s a lot easier to clean the house without the cat chasing the mop or having the dog freak out when the vacuum cleaner is turned on. If pets will be in the home when your house cleaners arrive, be sure that they have been warned ahead of time — like, "don’t let the cat out when you come,” or “don’t worry about Rex’s barking.”