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  • Touch Point Cleaning Services

  • Health experts identify touch points (surfaces which come into frequent contact by multiple people) as primary sources of cross-infection. Bacteria and viruses can persist on surfaces for a surprisingly long period of time. The influenza virus, for example, can live from 2 to 8 hours after being deposited on a surface, ready and able to infect the next person who touches it.

    HOT Cleaning Services Touch Point Cleaning Services help reduce the rate of infection in your organisation. This is particularly critical during flu season.

  • Using an advance and safe germicidal products combined with best-practices recommended by health care professionals, HOT Cleaning Services teams disinfect:

    • Door knobs / handles / push plates
    • Entrances
    • Light Switches
    • Hand Railings
    • Telephones
    • Desks and counters
    • Waiting room and foyer surfaces
    • Kitchen bench, sinks, taps
    • Cupboard handles, appliance handles
    • Restroom sinks, taps and hand dryers
    • Break rooms

    Year-round infection prevention is always a good practice, but during cold and flu season it is particularly important. Going above and beyond even our high standards of cleaning, HOT Cleaning Services can provide disinfectant-level cleaning for those points where cross-infection is most likely.

    A dedicated touch point cleaning service can keep infections at a minimum, helping maintain the health of your family, staff and visitors. Touch Point cleaning will not only help keep your business visitors or family visitors healthy, it can also help reduce the number of sick days.