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  • Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance - Tiles

    Hard floor surfaces require particular attention and care. Not only do hard floors quickly show dirt, scuffs and spills, but the various materials from which the floors are made need to be treated to ensure their care and longevity. HOT Cleaning Maintenance has experienced and trained technicians as well as professional equipment to ensure that your hard floors are cleaned and treated properly.

    Since hard floors most often appear in entrance and high-traffic areas, their appearance presents the first impression your visitors have of your business or organisation. HOT Cleaning Maintenance technicians clean and maintain these areas so that the floors offer the most attractive presentation possible. High traffic areas are particularly susceptible to greater wear; proper cleaning and maintenance can prevent premature appearance of flaws to the surface.

    Safety, as well as appearance is an important factor. Clean and well-maintained floors offer the most secure footing particularly on wet and showy seasons. The use of non-toxic cleaning and sealing products also offers the most human-and environment-friendly surroundings for your visitors, staff and or family.

    Each type of material used in modern hard floors require specific care to maintain their original brightness surface textures, patterns and colours. We have procedures, training and appropriate equipment available to provide proper care for hard floor surfaces.

    Tiled floors need to be maintained to remove the dirt and grime build up in the grout joints and also on the tile surface (particularly textured tiles). HOT Cleaning Services uses an extremely effective method of cleaning tiled floors using specialised equipment.

    Our system uses a combination of high pressure water, a rotary action and advanced extraction system to deliver results that far exceed those obtainable with conventional cleaning methods.

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  • The Importance of Clean Grout

    Grout is a porous material that easily stains, especially in rooms that see high humidity or moisture like the bathrooms and restrooms. Grout’s essential to the look and function of any tiled surface, whether it’s a tile floor, shower or back-splash. Grout locks the tiles in place, protects their edges from chipping and provides an overall finished look.

    Grout can easily develop mildew and bacteria. However, it can be removed with a general household cleaner that contains chlorine bleach or one of our specialised green cleaning products. Cleaning tile grout regularly and treating with grout sealer improves its look, helps extend its life and provides a healthier environment for your premises.

    After cleaning grout, a sealer may be applied to help reduce staining, dirt build-up and the growth of mould and mildew. HOT Cleaning Services can supply you with a quality grout sealer service to protect your premises grouted areas. Sealed grout not only protects against staining, discolouration and mould or mildew growth, it also can help protect the tile floor from water damage. Properly sealed grout helps keep water from seeping under flooring tiles.

    Our tile and grout cleaning service is suitable for cleaning any type of tiled floor area and will produce amazing results. The floor is pressure washed while at the same time our system extracts the dirty water from the surface leaving the tiles and grout joints clean.

    Effectiveness of Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Tile & Grout Cleaning is effective when used for existing Installations – remove surface contaminants from floor tiles and grout.

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