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  • 9. Stains / Discolouration / Odour

    a. The Cleaner will inspect the area to be cleaned - carpet, upholstery, linoleum/vinyl, tile and grout, glasses before the Service commences.

    b. Stains derived from bleaching agents, acids and permanent dyes may be permanent and cannot be removed with any treatment. Also Stains from aged cordial, ink, curry, rust stains, coffee, tea, red wine, urine, etc are very difficult to remove. Therefore, HOT Cleaning and the Cleaner, does not guarantee stain removal for permanent stains.

    c. HOT Cleaning cannot be responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not apparent upon visual inspection of the Premises.

    d. The Cleaner may deem it 'un-feesable' to remove a particular stain or mark on the carpet when compared to the cost of replacement.

    e. Urine stains and odours – the extraction and treatment of urine deposits in carpets, upholstery and mattresses is one of the most complex jobs due to the nature and severity of the damage. Urine is a complex mixture of components, it leaves both odours and stains to be treated. It has the potential to ruin your carpet fibres, backing and padding, and even to contaminate the sub floor. In Upholstery and mattresses it can seep deeply into the foam, making it very difficult to completely extract. We have all the necessary equipment, solutions, and expertise to perform this particular service, however, there is really no guarantee that all urine odours and stains will be removed.

    f. HOT Cleaning cannot be responsible for any pre-existing discoloration of fibre or lino/vinyl due to sun damaged.