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  • Payment Terms

    HOT Cleaning has a payment policy of  “no payment, no booking”.

    1. During booking of the required job, the Client agrees to pay in full the quoted price by HOT Cleaning within 2 working days prior to the Service Time, unless otherwise agreed in advance with HOT Cleaning.
    2. If the service is paid in full using credit card at the time of booking, the booking is confirmed.

    3. If the service is to be paid thru internet banking, the booking is temporary subject to receipt of payment 2 days prior to the Service Time. The Client may supply an internet banking receipt to HOT Cleaning as proof of payment.

    4. If not payment has been made by the Service Time, HOT Cleaning Services will use reasonable endeavours to contact the Customer for payment. In the event that HOT Cleaning Services cannot contact the Client or payment is not made by the Service Time, the Client will be deemed to have cancelled the Service, and the Client myst pay any cancellation fees or charges due set out in Clause

    5. The following are the methods of payment accepted by HOT Cleaning Services
        5.1.  Credit card
        5.2.  Bank Deposit
        5.3.  Internet bank transfer

    6. Payments by bank deposit or bank transfer should be made to:
    Account Name: HOT Cleaning Services
    Account BSB: 016 -650
    Account Number: 185424562
    Transaction Ref: Tax Invoice Number /Booking Ref Number

    7. Cheque payments will be accepted by HOT Cleaning if there was a prior arrangement. Cheque payment should be made payable to HOT Cleaning Services. If a payment is made by cheque then the Client guarantees that there are sufficient funds in the cheque account to meet the payment of the cheque. If, for any reason whatsoever the cheque is not honoured, then the Client will meet all additional costs incurred by the company. The minimum charge the Client will incur for each dishonoured cheque will be $40.00.

    8. For credit card payments, you can either ring HOT Cleaning and provide your credit card details or alternatively, you can pay online at HOT Cleaning Services website.