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  • Our Pledge

  • Consider Health, Safety & Environmental Issues

    At HOT Cleaning Services , we put people first by considering the health, safety and welfare of our customers, their clients, our employees. We are committed to providing safe, effective, quality services through the use of proven methods and tested products. We go to great extents to select the right cleaning products and chemical.

    Minimise Waste through Re-Use & Recycling

    We are committed to reuse and recycling as the best methods of minimising waste and will help our customers employ these practices as well. When these methods are not practical for our customer sites, we will take the responsibility for assuring the safe disposal of wastes generated by our services.


    To maintain quality we perform regular visual and written site inspections based on the site needs. Our customers and employees are notified about the results of our inspections. Any deficiencies are corrected promptly.

    Use & Apply all Products Safely

    Because we are in the business of helping people clean their workplaces, we seek to reduce the harmful effects of chemicals we use while performing our job. To that extent we use environmentally friendly products whenever we can. While many of the products we use are available to consumers, our services are designed to provide maximum benefit with minimal environmental impact through careful, selective, professional application.

    Communicate Openly & Honestly

    We strive to foster an open and honest dialogue with our customers. We communicate with you every step of the way and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

    Ensure the Safety & Well-being of our Employees

    We will provide our employees the tools, training and support they need to do their jobs safely, effectively and efficiently. At HOT Cleaning Services , we will maintain a work environment where hazards are understood and minimised. Adherence to safe work practices is expected and commended.

    Consistent Quality

    In order to ensure quality we continuously monitor the cleaning procedures and methods used by our employees. By providing excellent training or re-training we ensure that proper methods are used. All employees are encouraged to provide their full input into cleaning techniques for continuous improvement.

    Comply with all Legal Requirements & Regulations

    We will comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulation.

    Put Commitment Behind our Word

    At HOT Cleaning Services , our most important commitment is continuous improvements of cleaning procedures and methods. We strive to do better by input from customers and employees. We continuously look for ways to improve our services.