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  • Health and Safety Risks

    In addition to the obligations and warranties set out in clause 6 above, the Client acknowledges and agrees that:

    a. the Cleaner is entitled to undertake a job safety analysis before the commencement of any work to assess the health and safety risk at the Premises;

    b. In order to protect our employees, they are instructed not to enter an environment they consider to be unsafe, dangerous to health, or inoperable for any reason, but are instructed to withdraw from the premises and to report the problem to HOT Cleaning Office. In this event the Client will be charged the minimum charge of $120+ GST. The Cleaning will  only be rescheduled after the environment has been rendered safe. However, if after the second visit it is still unsafe, the Client will be charged 100% of the cost of the booking.

    c. Should any member of your household require the use of syringes, please insure that they are disposed of safely.  Any secure container like a coffee can, can be used to store used syringes and/or needles prior to final disposal.  Any unexpected stab by an insecure needle can pose serious health concerns to our staff, therefore, Cleaner is instructed to leave the premises.

    d. Please be sure that any confidential or potentially illegal documents or substances are put away before the cleaning team arrives.

    e. moisture on your furniture and carpets can present a slip hazard on nearby hard surface areas, we ask that the Client avoid any areas that we are cleaning, and will advise any other guests, residents or contractors of this hazard until the carpets are dry. Drying time will depend on the weather and the condition of the house.

    f. Newly stripped and sealed linoleum or vinyl are sticky but can cause slippery as well when it is not dry. Drying time will depend on the weather and the condition of the house.

    g. The newly mopped hard floor - (tiles/lino or vinyl or wood floors) when it is still wet, it is slippery and walking while wait is dangerous.

    h. the Client must agree to keep children or dependents away from any equipment or hot water being used as a part of the carpet and upholstery or strip and sealing or steam cleaning machine for tile and grout cleaning process or even during mopping the floor.

    i. the Client must ensure that the environment that the Client is inviting the Cleaner to work in, is a safe environment free from electrical or structural hazard.

    j. Any cleaning solutions for specialist jobs (ie: carpet, strip and seal, tile and grout) should be considered poisonous, and are not for human consumption.