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  • Green Cleaning Services

  • Although Green Cleaning does not have a single accepted definition, HOT Cleaning Services has one clear objective. It relates to green cleaning to enhance environmental health and workplace safety.

    This has been the core philosophy of HOT Cleaning Services since the company's inception, nearly nearly 10 years ago.

    We have recognise that cleaning products and practices have a direct impact on quality of life. We therefore strive to be good stewards when maintaining facilities. It is about "caring" for a building and going far beyond providing basic general cleaning services.

  • Cleaning Product Selection Guidelines

    We select products that meet well-established environmental health and safety criteria of recognised certification programs (Green Seal, Eco-Logo) that have been developed with multi stakeholder input.

    These products must meet performance criteria to minimise serious risk for poor product performance (ie: includes lack of disinfection, high cost per litre, building materials incompatibility, etc).

    All products selected must comply with the packaging criteria of recognised certification program designed for commercial and environmental safety that has been developed with multi-stakeholder input.

    HOT Cleaning Services Stewardship Principles:

    1. Go Beyond Appearances
      Even buildings that appear clean can be unhealthy. Our approach is to focus on cleaning for health, the environment and appearance.
    2. Take a Holistic Approach
      Cleaning must encompass the building as a whole, not just as separate components. Cleaning and maintenance in one area can adversely impact other areas; as an example, stripping and sealing a floor in one area can migrate to adjacent areas, or even the entire building via the air conditioning system.
    3. Minimise Exposure
      Reduce human exposure to harmful contaminants and cleaning residues. Areas where work is being done should have adequate ventilation. Work schedules should minimise exposure to building occupants. Products used should be the most environmentally preferable to accomplish the task.
    4. Minimise Residue
      Use micro-fibre cloth to minimise chemical, particle, and moisture residue when cleaning. Cleaning products used for their ability to quickly and efficiently remove oil, soil, and living organisms can also make a building unhealthy if used incorrectly.
    5. Ensure Safety
      Keep workers and building occupants safe and secure at all times.
    6. Reduce All Pollutants
    7. Safe Disposal
      Dispose of cleaning waste in an environmentally appropriate manner. Minimise the amount of pollutants entering the building with a concerted effort on source removal. It is significantly more effective in terms of both time and money to keep contaminants out of the building than to try to remove them once they have entered.
  • Healthy Performance Cleaning Program
    In partnership with environmentally conscious organisations or suppliers, HOT Cleaning Services created its “Healthy Performance Cleaning Program” (HPCP).

    HPCP was developed to minimise the adverse environmental impact on the buildings we service, and to create a safe and healthy working environment for our customers’ employees, visitors and tenants, and for our valued employees. Our commitment to HPCP ensures that facilities are cleaned and maintained in an environmentally responsible manner. The resulting benefits to our customers are improved employee health and productivity and reduced sick-time, and healthier and more satisfied tenants.

    Cleaning products and equipment have a significant impact on whether a building is maintained in a safe and healthy way. HPCP starts with environmentally safe cleaning products, and then incorporates green cleaning strategies and practices.

    HOT Cleaning Services adheres to strict purchasing guidelines, as established in HPCP, for the procurement of cleaning products and equipment. Wherever possible, HOT Cleaning Services complies with third party certifications such as Green Seal and Eco-Logo.

    HOT Cleaning Services Equipment Guidelines

    1. Vacuum cleaners that are capable of capturing 96% of particulates and operate with a sound level less than 70 dBA. HOT Cleaning Services utilises Back Pack Vacuums with a HEPA Level Filtration removing 99.97% of dirt and allergens.
    2. Hot water extraction equipment for deep cleaning carpets capable of removing stubborn and deep dirt. HOT Cleaning Services is equipped with state of the art truck-mounted hot extraction machine.
    3. Powered maintenance equipment including floor buffers, burnishers and automatic scrubbers equipped with vacuums, guards and/or other devices for capturing fine particulate that operate with a sound level less than 70 dBA. HOT Cleaning Services utilises the most current technology in all of its equipment. Buffers, burnishers and auto-scrubbers that utilise a disposable paper bag dust control system for a healthier environment. Auto-scrubbers equipped with innovative filter technology as well as water saving features. Automated scrubbing machines are equipped with variable-speed pumps to optimise the use of cleaning fluids.
    4. Floor stripping machine that saves up to 70% of labour time, less electricity and uses very minimal water.
    5. Floor carpet cleaning that uses less electricity and less water.
    6. Where applicable, active micro-fibre technology to reduce cleaning chemical consumption and to prolong the life of disposable scrubbing pads.
    7. Powered equipment ergonomically designed to minimise vibration, noise and user fatigue.