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  • 8. Fee for Non - Access to Premises

    8a. In the event that the Client does not provide unencumbered access the Premises for HOT Cleaning or its Cleaners to provide the Service, the Client agrees to pay a cancellation fee equivalent to the minimum charge of $120+GST for administrative and travel costs.

    8b. The Client must provide electricity and running hot and cold water at the premises where the service is conducted. Failure to provide these will attract cancellation fee as stated in 8a above.

    8c. No Parking area in the premises and Cleaner can’t load and unload machine/equipment safely, therefore, can’t perform the job, a minimum cancellation fee applies as stated in number 8a.

    8d. Third Party entering or present at Client’s premises allowed by the Client at the time of cleaning and caused obstruction to the job process, may result to additional hours by the Cleaner to complete the job, therefore it will attract additional charges.