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    Everyone wants to live and work in a clean and sanitary environment. That is why a lot of businesses now contract their cleaning with HOT Cleaning Services to assure themselves and their employees of such an atmosphere.

    A clean working environment benefits everyone – this includes your employees and clients. HOT Cleaning Services provides quality facility cleaning services for office buildings and commercial facilities. We work directly with you or facility maintenance personnel.

    A clean environment – including everything from the floors, to carpets, to the air – reduces sick time among employees, and makes an excellent first impression on clients. Our cleaning crews work during your off hours, and are supervised by experienced site supervisors. The next day, you and your employees walk into an office that's clean, smells fresh and is welcoming.

    HOT Cleaning Services has the resources and know how to handle all of your facility cleaning maintenance needs. Whether it's reactive, preventative or scheduled maintenance, our experience teams are prepared to tackle almost any project. HOT Cleaning Services has what it takes to complete the work on time and within your budget. With HOT Cleaning Servicesas your facility maintenance partner, you get:

    REACTIVE MAINTENANCE. HOT Cleaning Services is ready to respond to both your emergency and on-demand requests. From day to day cleaning to emergency clean-ups.

    PREVENTATIVE CLEANING MAINTENANCE. We can create a unique maintenance program for your facility that is cost efficient and helps to sustain and extend the life of your facilities infrastructure such as carpet, linoleum/vinyl or tiles.

    SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: Let us design custom scheduled programs that are tailored to your unique needs and budget for weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual services.

    Our Best Practice include:
    1.    High level of cleanliness with attention to details
    2.    Touch point cleaning program
    3.    Non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning program
    4.    Quality assurance program
    5.    Selected, trained, police cleared, drug&Alcohol tested, supervised Staff
    6.    Scheduling cleaning to your needs

    Some of HOT Cleaning Services Specialist Maintenance Program on offer:

    The HOT Cleaning Services Guarantee

    We stand behind our quality and professionalism and are committed to developing long-term customer relationships based on consistent outcomes, open communications, quality improvement and sustainability. We recognise taht unhappy customers are bad for business and therefore ensure we do everything in our power to help them achieve their goals.

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  • Interesting info

    60% of Office Illnesses are caused by dirty surfaces

    • Desk surfaces - up to 10m bacteria
    • Keyboards - up to 3,295 germs per square inch
    • Telephones
    • Door handles
    • Carpets
    • Tea rooms - sink and tap handles
    • Microwave - handles and inside surfaces
    • Refrigerator - handles and shelves

    Make a great first impression, and keep your employees healthy!

    STOP the spread of Germs especially during Cold and Flu Season!

    Cleaner. Safer. Healthier.